1 New functionality

1.1 System

- New function for handling additional points has been added. Now it is possible to see additional points and their data (Coordinates, elevations, source) in the table, but also to re-create additional points from profile or from layout if lost. To start the function, type ARS_PREVIEW_AP in the command line

- New node data has been added – Node type (main or plain). The data can be added to tables, labels, etc.

- Table previews – it is possible to create table for branches, where the program will show one data if it is the same along the branch (it was possible in older versions too), even if the data is real number. Also, flow in the branch will be shown as the sum of the flow in all the sections

- County kit for English and Croatian version has been updated with changes on tables, labels and profiles. Changes take place in the system templates of sewage and water system.

- Pipe catalog for English and Croatian version has been updated with new default roughness values, for sewage and water pipes. Roughness for PVC pipes has been set to 0.0015 mm

- Catalog of printing frames in English version has been updated with new options

- Catalog of assembly elements has been updated with group URBANO that contains parametric elements, for Polish, German and Czech version.

- General settings for Polygon – more drawings that contain polygons will be stored in cache (RAM), which will increase the time when opening the file, but it will make further usage (such as switching between more files) much faster. Number of drawings that will be stored in cache can be defined in General settings. Default value is 5 drawings, and it can be changed, but if increased, it will also occupy more RAM.

1.2 Plotting of long sections (profiles)

- New option has been added – adding more profiles to the same CAD layout

- It is possible to copy entire layout with all its graphic when creating new layout based on the existing, not only layout settings

- Command order has been re-organized in the function, new pictures that describe each property were added +

1.3 Urbano Canalis

- Hydraulic calculation – new selection options were added - Saved selection set, From node to node (LS).

- New dialog for calculation in pressure pipelines has been added, as well as new options for the simultaneous calculation of more pressure pipelines.

- New default table configurations for sections and branches were added inside the function

- The user can add new table configurations or edit existing, the program will store the changes in the drawing

- New function for system type editing has been added (Gravity/Pressure). The function takes place on Workspace – Editing – Edit system type. By default, the system will always defined as Gravitational. This data can be added in the table, label, etc.

- System “Sewage” – new node types were added – “Mud-release valve” and “Air-release valve”.

1.4 Urbano Hydra

- Labels of new calculation data (absolute flow, own and transit flow, node inflow and outflow) will be automatically updated upon change

- Network elements data – new selection options were added – Last selection and Selection set

- In all default tables, data Calculated total flow has been swapped with new data - Calculated total flow (absolute)

- The way that program calculates and stores data Starting and ending head and starting and ending pressure in the node has been changed. Now the program reads the direction of equipment activity (pump, valve) that can be found and changed in the function Hydraulic node equipment.

- For those data (Starting and ending head and starting and ending pressure), comparison with the previous results has been enabled within the function Water demands and scenario analysis

1.5 Urbano Geo - Parametric trench (Trench with multiple pipes)

- System “Geodesy” – function for definition of parametric trench has been changed and improved. It used to work on top of AutoCAD function BOUNDARY, but as it has many known issues, we changed it and now the program defines parametric trenches and their layers by using another programming technology (polygon), which significantly improves both speed and user experience. Also, standard boundary problems such as “unable to detect island” or “unable to find boundary” are not an issue any more

1.6 Urbano BIM - Land XML Import/Export

- When importing system from LandXML file, it is possible to select system template

- Function Bind data with pipes/manholes has been exposed on the BIM panel (this function commonly takes place in the Home panel, branch Tools)

- Additional data that describe pipes and manholes when binding data were added (pipe/manhole shape, diameter in [mm], various prefixes…)

2 List of repaired problems

1. Urbano Ribbon doesn’t appear when program Autopath has been installed on the computer, or when Plateia has been installed on the same AutoCAD profile. To overcome this problem, do the following:


o Open Urbano installation folder (for example: C:\Program Files\Studio ARS\Urbano 9.1.\ENG\2018 )

o Find file Autoload.LSP

o Open Urbano profile

o Type APPLOAD in the command line

o Click on the Contents button in the Startup Suite section:




o Add Autoload.LSP to the Startup Suite.

o Restart CAD, Urbano ribbons should appear along with the Autopath Ribbon.

o It is necessary to do the same in the profile for Plateia.



2. Station labels

o It is possible to edit station labels of inactive system – this has been disabled

o XML Import/Export didn’t carry station labels – repaired

o When re-indexing, the program transfers all station labels to the layer of the active system



3. Long sections – New parameter has been added (component: Lateral inlets and connection nodes, parameter – Define line color). It wasn’t possible to change line color for lateral inlet; the program would always use the color from the plan. Repaired.


4. Long sections – Interactive selection option didn’t work properly in some cases in old configurations (hidden component, component of projection...). Repaired.

5. Long section drawn in the reverse direction – Some options for drawing or editing of the pipe invert weren’t considering the reverse direction, so the program didn’t store “Slope” data property (it had negative value). This caused the Hydraulic calculation in Canalis to show warning messages related to those elements – hydraulic values could not be calculated because of the negative slope. Repaired.


6. Long section – When component “Projection” was added, the program didn’t display pipe and manhole properly. The program shows lines of the pipe crossing the manhole, although the option “Draw pipes to the manhole edge” was turned on. Repaired.


7. Automatic pipe invert in sewage system – When the slope is bigger than maximal (allowed), the program will insert node with manhole drop and connect it with the following node by using minimal slope, which increases depth of the drop. Repaired – now the program connects it with the maximal slope. Repaired.


8. User data – Reading user data from older versions (Urbano 9.0) slows the program down. When opening dialog for defining/editing User data, the program searched for user data definitions from older version and tried to convert it. Now the program reads and converts the user data from older version only once. Repaired.

9. XML Import – program didn’t read the data related to water demands and scenarios in Hydra properly. Repaired.


10. Hydra – Problem with valve PBV3 – when defining valve in the opposite direction (from the lower pressure to the higher pressure), the valve should operate as a pump. This case worked fine, but the program didn’t return the right values for head elevation – higher value was always the first, which wasn’t right. Repaired.


11. Hydra – Hydraulic calculation by branches didn’t work properly – the program didn’t return real results for head elevation. Repaired.


12. Hydra – Head elevation (piezometric line) in the profile isn’t displayed correctly. The problem occurs in case when the valve is defined in the branching node. The problem was related to the misinterpretation of Epanet results, and it was corrected both for standard calculation and for the calculation by branches. Repaired.


13. Hydra – When creating INP file, program stores wrong branch length (only for the calculation by branches). The error occurs randomly. Repaired.


14. The way the program creates 3D Style for pipes has been changed. Until now, the program created 3D solids in a way to connect pipe edges in characteristic points. This approach affected 3D view, so when pipe slope increased, the pipe cross section wasn’t round any more, rather ellipsoid. This wasn’t a problem, since the slopes are usually small, but in case when slopes are bigger, it was wrong. Now the program draws pipes as solids with round cross section, without considering connections of the pipes. This change affects 3D styling, IFC export and NWC export. Repaired.


15. LandXML – Program closes unexpectedly when opening the function after erasing previously exported LandXML file from the destination folder. Program was unable to find stored file path and thus closes. Repaired.


16. LandXML – Program closes unexpectedly when importing LandXML file created by Bentley Drainage software. Repaired.


17. Urbano Polygon – Program closes unexpectedly when selecting line topology elements (water, sewage) by using CAD selection, while system Polygon topology is active. Repaired.


18. Urbano Polygon - Copy nearest data – Program closes unexpectedly when reading the date from the block, in case that the entire block or block attribute inside the block is on locked layer.  Repaired.


19. Dynamic tables didn’t refresh properly after certain functions (system check, delete polygon labels…). Repaired.


20. Saved selection set – program doesn’t preserve order of the nodes in selection.  Repaired.


21. Catalog of prefabricated manholes – Errors repaired for Croatian, English and German version. Repaired.


22. Turkish extension - CBS Import – Program doesn’t import pipe elevations. Repaired.


23. IsybauXML Import – After the import, the program closes unexpectedly, with the error message. Problem was related to OS Windows 10 Build 16299. It works fine on OS Windows 7. Repaired.


24. Bulgarian version – Problem in Hydra – Water demands and scenario analysis. New configuration of scenario gets the default name (the user can also change it), but the program doesn’t remember it properly. When re-opening, only “????” characters can be seen. The problem was caused by problem with code page, since Bulgarian version uses Cyrillic letters. Repaired.